Friday, May 25, 2007

Need to make more money with your blog, just as easy as 3 steps:
step 1: sign up, and paste special codes into blogs
step 2: make more money writing reviews and blogvertorials
step 3: Earn & Cash out
What is Advertlets?

Advertlets is a blog advertising network. Bloggers make money doing what they love by selling advertising space on their blogs. Advertisers get to connect their message to the right audience through the use of demographics.

How does it work?
You sign up and install a poll on your website. Once we have the appropriate demographics, we can start matching you with advertisers, and you can start making money.

How is this different/better from all other forms of Internet advertising?
Firstly, we are the first internet advertising network to have real time demographics polls that are embedded within the page itself visitors can submit details without having to leave your blog. Also, we are Malaysian and have on-ground, active staff to look for relevant local advertisers. Lastly, Advertlets is developed by a team of professionals, namely Josh Lim & Associates who have worked on digital marketing initiatives for clients in markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and the United States of America.